Supa Modo, « It takes a village to raise a child »

This story emanates from the Talent Press, an initiative of Talents Durban in collaboration with FIPRESCI and the Goethe-Institut.

The African tenet, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ is at the center of Likarion Wainaina first feature Supa Modo. This Kenyan drama is a fruit of the long-time collaboration between Kenyan Ginger Ink and German One Fine Day Films productions.

In many ways, Jo is like most kids her age. She likes superhero movies and dreams of becoming the hero of the village. However, the nine years old girl is facing a big challenge; she has terminal cancer. Instead of treating the disease, her loving and overprotective mother prefers to make sure that Jo’s short life is a happy one. With the help of the villagers, Jo’s sister  Mwix conspires activities to make Jo’s dream come true.

Teaser Suoa Modo

With an unassuming but genius script by a group of screen writers, Supa Modo infuses comedy into a heartbreaking story. With Stycie Waweru’s impressive performance as Jo, Supa Modo draws the viewers into her dreams and let us undergo her imaginary world.

In the same way, Supa Modo – despite being a superhero film – communicates without spectacular visual or other effects. But what it lacks in that regard, it gains in depth. Through considerate cinematography and perfect choice of music, it connects the viewer with the lively and innocent Jo.

Supa Modo is an emotional meaningful story. At the same time as the film reminds us that we need super heros – especially small girls, it also says that the super heroes are among us. African girls can be super heroes too. All it takes is for the rest of us – the village – to help them believe in their dream.

Written by Mandimby Maharo

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